Ayurveda 2-day Intensive

January 13th and 14th, 2018 at Yoga Hawaii in Honolulu



Join me at Yoga Hawaii's studio to delve deep into a two-day intensive on Āyurveda.  We will learn both the fundamentals of Ayurveda including doshic alignment, prakruti, agni, digestion, and āsana as well as how to teach yoga from an Āyurvedic perspective. No prior training in Āyurveda or yoga is necessary   To sign up email me at:





Part One on January 13th:

  • Introduction to Ayurveda and Sankhya Philosophy
  •  Attributes of Vata, Pitta, Kapha
  •  Ojas, Tejas, Prana
  • Agni and Digestion


Part Two on January 14th:

• Ayurveda for Yoga
• Asanas specific for Vata, Pitta, Kapha
• How to teach Yoga with Ayurveda Principles in mind



-Dosha Quiz and understanding your unique consitution.

-Take home worksheets and ways to practice yoga with Āyurveda principles in mind.

-Yoga sequences for a Vāta, Pitta, and Kapha individual as well as how to practice based on the seasons of fall, winter, spring, and summer.

For booking please email me: